Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Techie Teach Talk Links

Nick Counts
Qwiki: This site creates a video on any topic pulling information and photos from various trusted sources on the Internet.

WolframAlpha: "A knowledge engine," WolframAlpha allows you to type in just about any topic to get factual information and statistics. 
Tour of Wolfram Alpha

Tom Haynes
Password Safe:This is a secure method for storing and using passwords. 

Webmail Notifier: This allows you to bring a number of email addresses together without having to use multiple browsers.

Lauren Coil-Sherck

Schoology: This is an alternative to Moodle to use as a classroom management tool.  It is geared to a generation of social networkers and allows for collaboration outside the classroom.

Mary Weirich

Mary shared a host of tools that she uses in her music classes, including audacity - an audio capture program that can be used for a whole host of things outside music.  Audacity (on all computers under start menu) Mary can show you where located and demonstrate how to record and export and send as an mp3.

Larry Emmons

Symbaloo: This is a free, fun bookmark tool that allows someone to store, visually organize and share bookmarks.  It'd be great for a class set of links, as you could visually organize by unit or topic.

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