Monday, October 28, 2013

Techie Teacher Talks, Fall 2013

Culver's Technology Support Committee opened the fall with an open Schoology help workshop. Members will focus on Schoology support throughout the year to help everyone make good use of our course management system on campus.

The September TTT took a look at the work of the Culver Alumni Technology Advisory Council, the group of Culver alumni who dedicated two years to studying all things technology at Culver. Sue Freymiller presented a detailed look at technology and leadership, while Kevin MacNeil presented his take on the role of online learning at Culver and beyond. Josh Pretzer opened with an overview of the TAC, sharing TAC Chair Jim Schacht's slides from the conclusion of the most recent TAC session.

The first October session of the TTT took a look at using the data in EE7 to help address big questions on campus. Jackie Carrillo shared a detailed look at her deep dive into science enrollment and gender numbers to address her question relating to girls and science at Culver. Academic Affair's Melissa Alexander shared some detail of how to use EE7 to harvest data, using a class roster report as an example.

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